How to Stay Cool and Comfortable in Hot Yoga Classes with the Right Clothing

Hello Pejalan Santai,

Controlling the temperature in hot yoga allows wearing suitable clothing to the class. Select clothes made out of nylon or polyester materials to avoid getting soaked during the event. Wear tight fitting clothes that accommodate the movements for the specific exercise to be performed without constriction.

That is why, at Cosmolle, we realized the need to choose the right clothing for those extremely difficult and hot classes. Below is a brief guide that will help you in choosing the right clothes for hot yoga practice. 

Choosing the Right Outfit 

Here are some of the most popular types of hot yoga: 

  • Sports Bras: Choose stylish sports best wireless bra that are comfortable and offer adequate support without making the wearer feel constricted. Opt for materials that allow air circulation and avoid stitching that may cause rubbing; opt for racer back styles for optimum bust envelope and mobility. 

  • Tops: For your gym outings, choose light and airy tank tops or fitted tees. Mesh panels or cut-outs enhance the flow of air to the body to reduce heat stress while containing as few seams as possible to avoid chafing the skin. 

  • Bottoms: For bottom wear, high-waist legging or shorts made from stretchable and moisture-control fabric would be best suited. These give support, adjustability, and area coverage so that they remain in position during exercises. 

Special Features to Look For 

  • Ventilation: Clothes with mesh panels or laser-cut holes often enhance breathability for the wearer. Facilitating air circulation makes it easy to cool down while performing demanding exercises. 

  • Compression: Some yoga wear has compression elements, which enhance blood flow and muscle support. This can be tested especially during the rigid poses of Hot Yoga, which may last several minutes. 

  • Additional Tips 

  • Layering: You could wear a long-sleeved, short-sleeved shirt with activewear leggings to class. This can be useful at the beginning and end of the session, when blood flow may be increased, thus raising the body's temperature. Hoodies should, therefore, be selected so that you can put them on and remove them as and when the need arises. 

  • Colors: Light colors also help reflect heat, reducing the amount of heat building up in the house. Dark colors again give the home a sleek and stylish look but may need to be more appropriate in the environment where the session is hot yoga. 

  • Accessories: Other protective gear includes the use of headbands and wristbands to reduce or control moisture. These accessories can restrain hair from falling on the face, thus preserving comfort by preventing moisture on the skin. 

  • Conclusion 
  • Deciding what to wear for hot yoga has a great impact on your practice. For our Cosmolle range, the designs are comfortable, practical and attractive, so you can practice yoga without considering the clothing line.  

    So, when choosing your activewear sets for hot yoga, it is important to think think of using moisture-wicking fabric and make sure the clothes fit well. 


  1. Jadi semangaattt utk yoga yaaa
    karena ada set baju yg pas dan enak dipakai.
    otw hidup sehaatt bugarrr

  2. klo olahraga memang harus pilih outfit yang bener2 nyaman karena kita biasanya memang kita banyak gerak..

  3. Kok cakeeep sih model baju yoganyaaaa 😍😍😍😍😍. Aku workoutnya memang bukan yoga, tapi tetep aja butuh outfit yg bisa membuat badan ttp nyaman dan ga gerah walopun panas abis workout. Sukaaa liat style bajunya, tapi berharap yg begini mah ada toko offline. Soalnya kalo beli online kuatir ga pas.

  4. aku ikutan kelas yoga baru sekali aja, hiks. dan waktu itu memang nggak punya properti pendukung seperti matras juga. Sebenernya dikelas udah disediain matras, tapi agak males juga hahaha.
    Baju ketika olahraga seperti yoga ini memang paling enak kalau body fit ya, tapi aku malah seringnya pake kaos kalau olahraga, entah itu yoga atau senam zumba ke Gym

  5. Sebagai penyuka olahraga lari dan juga yoga, aku sepakat nih terkait menggunakan pakaian yang nyaman dengan kualitas bahan oke, serta pemilihan warna, size yang sesuai supaya makin santai bergerak aktif, secara lagi olahraga kan jangan sampe pake daleman atau baju yang tidak sesuai bikin olahraga yoga ga konsen malah ambyar. Untuk penampilan pun, kalau pake pakaian yang tepat, berbahan bagus pastinyaa ningkatin kepercayaan diri juga. Sehingga bisa konsetrasi yoga secara maksimal.

  6. Wearing sport bra and leggings is the right choice for yoga class. We can do a lot of yoga poses with stylish outfit.

  7. Buat yoga ataupun olahraga apapun, memang butuh pakaian yang sesuai dan nyaman ya ... nah, ini nih rekomendasi yang layak dijadikan referensi.

  8. tentu saja kalau olahraga harus menggunakan pakaian yang nyaman, dengan pemilihan bahan yang sesuai.

  9. When you're actively exercising, your clothes need to be comfortable, from the fabric to the colour.
    I really like the tips.
    Very helpful especially for those who are just about to start a hot yoga class with the comfortable Cosmolle activewear sets.

  10. Memang penting banget menggunakan pakaian olahraga yang nyaman dan menyerap keringat ya mbaaa

  11. Thank you untuk panduannya, memang perlu untuk olah raganya lebih nyaman.

  12. Bagus nih untuk jadi referensi istriku kalo mau yoga.
    Otw bookmark yaa


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